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March is right around the corner which also means rainy days are yet to come. With rain usually comes the dreary and sluggish days, which companies usually dread for their business. But PrintOvations can change that uneasiness into satisfaction with promotional products for rainy days. From umbrellas to mugs and everything in between promote your business with useful, everyday products.

Did you know that March is National Umbrella month as well as the first day of spring is on March 20th? So March is the perfect month for all your companies rainy day products. Customers will be ecstatic to have that new umbrella with your logo on it to keep in the car throughout the spring season.




Why rainy day products are the best:

  1. They are products that will be kept for years
  2. They are used frequently
  3. They will create multiple impressions
  4. They are easy to hold onto and store
  5. It could save someone’s day


So what are PrintOvations top choices for the days, weeks, or months that rain fall won’t stop? We are glad you asked! Here are our favorite products for every rainy day ahead…



The top everyday rain products:




We have a wide variety of umbrellas; golf, scenic underneath, digitally printed, and multi-use flashlight. There’s an umbrella for everyone.








Ponchos of all kinds, from disposable ones to fun key chain hooks to store the poncho in. Just add your logo, message, or artwork to this product that is used for any rainy day emergency.







The perfect way to keep your drink warm on a cold, rainy day. A thermos for everyone, one with a case, the other with a leather exterior and even an acrylic tumbler for on the go.




Lip Balm


Dry lips and rainy days do not go together very well. Avoid making a dreary day even worse. Lip balm is a great small product to print your logo on and hand out to customers. It’s something that is used on a daily basis and will be promoting your business as well.





Rain Gauge


A fun item for all ages, small enough to place around the exterior of the house. Kids, as well as adults, are sure to have fun measuring the rain with this great promotional product.







While blankets are perfect for any day they are especially perfect for rainy days. Whether you’re stuck indoors or outdoors having a warm personalized blankets helps. We offer water resistant blankets for the outdoors and fleece throws for the inside.







These are a great apparel item to pair well with the cozy blanket. Customers well be sporting your business logo for years to come with this warm sweatshirt, likely on a rainy day.







Just like our favorite thermos, a mug is the perfect rainy day staple. Not only for customers but as well as employees in the office. They will be keeping warm with their favorite coffee while promoting your business.



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