Office Manager

Office Manager

Part time position from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm Monday-Friday.

Responsible for the organization and co-ordination of office operations, procedures and resources to facilitate organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

  • co-ordinate office activities to ensure maximum efficiency
  • process internal orders and ensure order fulfillment
  • create purchase orders and follow with vendors on order fulfillment
  • knowledge of QuickBooks helpful
  • Answer phone and handle customer service inquires
  • design and implement filing systems
  • ensure filing systems are maintained and current
  • establish and monitor procedures for record keeping
  • ensure security, integrity and confidentiality of data
  • design and implement office policies and procedures
  • analyze and monitor internal processes
  • implement procedural and policy changes to improve operational efficiency
  • prepare operational reports and schedules to ensure efficiency
  • handle customer inquiries and complaints
  • maintain a safe and secure working environment

Education and Experience

  • business degree or equivalent
  • high school diploma with a number of years administrative and supervisory experience
  • knowledge of accounting, data and administrative management practices and procedures
  • knowledge of clerical practices and procedures
  • knowledge of human resources management practices and procedures
  • knowledge of business and management principles
  • computer skills and knowledge of office software packages

Key Competencies

  • communication skills
  • problem analysis and assessment
  • judgment and problem solving
  • decision making
  • planning and organizing
  • work and time management
  • attention to detail and high level of accuracy
  • delegation of authority and responsibility
  • information gathering and monitoring
  • coaching skills
  • initiative
  • integrity
  • adaptability
  • teamwork and collaboration

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